Advantages of the TGRG Diamond Rail Products

There are several different types of Garment On Hanger (GOH) rail systems available for sale, however, we believe our Diamond Rail line of products offer buyers the safest and most practical solution on the marketplace today.  The following lists identify some of the advantages our products offer our customers:


Trolleys, Track & Switches

  • Trolleys can be easily added or removed on any part of the system
  • The diamond rail track is center hung and therefore is bi-directional
  • Trolleys can be moved in single or train configuration
  • The trolleys couple automatically
  • A train of fully loaded trolleys (75lbs each x 22 Trolleys) requires only 2 lbs of manual horizontal force to set the train in motion
  • Robust steel construction
  • No friction due to 4 roller bearing supported maintenance free wheels
  • Operators can push or pull trains
  • Reliable traction due to enclosed diamond track
  • Aluminum diamond track with integrated installation T-Slot for standard 5/16’’ or metric 8 mm bolts
  • Weight operated switches with front control locking mechanism
  • Switches return to their home position after the trolley leaves the switch
  • Switches can be upgraded  from manual to pneumatic operation at any given time
  • Switches feature a modular design with identical frame measurements for easy layout changes and are available in 90° left & right, 45° left & right, 30° left & right, manual, powered and pneumatic operated
  • Swing switches actuate in a circular motion. The position can be locked into place manually by using a spring loaded index pin or automatically with a pneumatic cylinder.

Standard slope, horizontal and spiral conveyors

  • Standard slope conveyors can be configured in any shape required
  • The chain roller chain is completely encapsulated in the plastic guide and therefore the safest GOH conveyor in the market today.
  • The chain does not need any drag devices or tabs to move trolleys safely from floor to floor
  • Conveyors can also be manufactured in a spiral for space efficiency  as tight as  30°
  • A standard conveyor is equipped with tensioners on each end to allow chain adjustment
  • All conveyors are equipped with a standard brake motor which locks down a train of trolleys during power outages or emergency shut down situations
  • Chain lubrication is never required on a standard conveyor. The plastic guide and return liner are self-lubricating and maintenance free