About The Garment Rail Group

The Garment Rail Group (TGRG) prides itself in being an industry leader in the garment handling industry.  TGRG’s Diamond Rail family of products includes manually and fully automated trolley systems, semi and fully automated sortation systems, and single garment conveying equipment.  Our management team brings together a combined 75 years of experience within the industry to deliver the most efficient and safe solutions to our customers.  TGRG has serviced many different industries including: garment distribution, industrial laundries, e-commerce, 3 PL, and various other light good industries such as automotive suppliers and manufacturers.

TGRG offers complete garment and overhead conveyor solutions to its customers.  Initially, TGRG works with its customer to identify their needs and challenges in handling their products.  Next, we use our extensive industry experience to design an efficient layout and implementation plan.  Our highly trained project managers and installation teams ensure that the system is installed quickly and cleanly with little or no disruption to the customer’s existing production.  Finally, our customer service personnel spend extensive time training operators and maintenance staff to ensure safe operation of each system as well as proper maintenance procedures.

TGRG has separated itself from its competition with innovative technologies in both its designs and its products.  Utilizing tools such as animation programs, TGRG allows its customers to virtually see their custom designed system prior to manufacturing.  During installation, our customers are able to watch the progression of the installation via our Basecamp website which allows them to login to their page and view daily pictures as well as the schedule and daily installation notes.  Our goal is to provide each of our customers with the highest level of service and products available in the marketplace.


To learn more about TGRG please contact us today at info@thegarmentrailgroup.com or call us as (855) 528 – RAIL (7245).